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Publication: Jewish Exponent
Author: Elkin, Michael
Date published: September 29, 2011

What kind of a genius do you have to be to teach at Rutgers U.? Well, being the MacArthur Foundation kind doesn't hurt! Jacob Soil, the much honored history prof at Rutgers/ Camden, has added the foundation's "genius award" to his personal history, honored for his work exploring modern-day Europe's roots. And he has quite a rooting section at Rutgers, where the Scarlet Raptors are a rapt audience for their academic "Star." ... Penn pal, that Judith Rodin. The former U of P president (1994 to 2004) - numbered among the best in the school's history - has a big number, too, in the current Forbes issue: The president of the Rockefeller Foundation rocks out, ranked 71 among Forbes "The World's 100 Most Powerful Women." ... Golden guy: Attorney Stephen H. Frishberg, a partner at Deeb, Petrakis, Blum & Murphy, P.C., is the new president of the Golden Slipper Club & Charities, sworn in at a gala chaired by David Levy and Sherry Horowitz. ... The sweetest sounds: Dolce Suono Ensemble has a trophy catch, landing Shulamit Ran, the Israeli-American composer with an international following, as well as a Pulitzer Prize to her credit, as its composer- in-residence and artistic co-curator for its new season. Get an earful on Nov. 13 when the ensemble - whose gifted artistic director Mimi Stillman flouts a spirited flute - performs "A Place and a Name: Remembering the Holocaust," at the Curtis Institute of Music. That performance will feature Ran's "O the Chimney." . . . Getting on board with the board walk: David L. Colman has additional line readings these days, being elected to the board of the Philadelphia Theatre Company. Meanwhile, over at the American Jewish Committee, the Philadelphia/Southern New Jersey board has added, effective Jan. 1, Rachel Berman, Bonnie Freundlich, Morris Gocial and Fred Strober. ... Attorney Carolyn Hochstadter Dicker has been voted in as a member of the Pennsylvania Bar Association Commission on Women's professional committee. ... If you can't hear the difference between "salsa" and "seltzer," don't be making "Stars" soda anytime soon. Unless, of course, you're Andrew Schloss. And he makes book on it. The eminent food writer has just come out with Homemade Soda, bubbling with recipes. No need to wipe any egg cream off your face, Andrew; you've come up with another winner. ... Able to leap Masada in a single bounce? Well, Bucks County's Al Wiesner must be feeling pretty cape-able these days: His Shaloman, a Jewish comic-book series he introduced in 1988, has hit the Tel Aviv stands. Specifically his issue on "Tallit and the Chanukah Thieves," has been translated into Hebrew and is being sold at Comics N Vegetables in Philadelphia's Sister City. What would Shaloman say? He was too busy eating a blintz to comment but Wiesner's happy. After all, it's being sold in a one-stop store where Israeli moms can literally tell their kids, "Eat your broccoli and you'll grow up to be a superhero."

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