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Publication: National Dragster
Date published: September 16, 2011
Language: English
PMID: 54249
ISSN: 04662199
Journal code: NDRG

Shirley Muldowney was honored as the recipient of the 2011 Mildred Marcum Pioneer Award, highlighting the 9th annual Women in the Winner's Circle Foundation award celebration. The event was held Thursday, Sept. 1, at Don Schumacher Racing headquarters. The Women in the Winner's Circle Foundation was founded by Lyn St. James, who has dedicated much of her life after retiring from racing to help women achieve their goals and aspirations in the motorsports field. Muldowney was the second drag racer to win the Mildred Marcum Pioneer Award, which is presented to females in racing who through their dedication and passion for the sport have changed racing for women. In 2006, Barbara Parks, wife of NHRA founder Wally Parks, received the award posthumously. NHRA was well-represented in other categories; Kim LaHaie Richards, co-crew chief for Ron Capps, was named winner of the C&R Racing Woman in Technology Award, and the 2011 Opportunity Award was given to Roger Burgess and R2B2 Racing. Among the women of drag racing in attendance were Samantha Coughlin, Alexis DeJoria, Erica Enders, Peggy Llewellyn, Leah Pruett, and Melanie Troxel.

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