The Twf project: promoting bilingualism for public health in Wales

The Twf project was established in Wales in 2001 with the overall aim to increase the transfer of the Welsh language within the family. The project has two main strategies, which are to work with midwives and health visitors in order that they can inform parents of the advantages of raising children bilingually, and to raise awareness among parents-to-be, parents and the general public of the advantages of raising children bilingually. The project is funded by the Welsh government through the Welsh Language Board, and its community workers provide health visitors, midwives and other partners within their areas with Twf resources and information about relevant research, and visit antenatal and postnatal clinics on a regular basis to talk to parents. Where a particular need is identified, the Twf worker runs groups for new parents and1 parents-to-be to help them to speak Welsh to the baby through interesting activities, such as baby massage, singing and stories. Key words. Twf, bilingual, Vifelsft, public health, health visitors.

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