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More than any other wedding planning detail, the invitations have been the biggest (and most down right annoying) task. I had elaborate dreams of DIY wedding invitations, complete with hand stamps, ribbons, and beads. I was at Hobby Lobby and suddenly decided I was over this whole invitation mess. I picked up four boxes of print-at-home !invitations and was done with it.

Lauren and Mike are in the midst of their Do-It- Yourself wedding planning.

The Flowers

Flowers were one of the first wedding details I focused on. My mom and I met with Jodi Davis of Dixie Florist soon after my engagement. I came with an idea m mind, but not really the right words. I explained that I wanted more plants than flowers, a wildflower feel as opposed to a tailored selection, and tone-on-tone greens with all kinds of textures and sizes. Jodi guided me in choosing a beautiful combination of flowers mcluding Lily Grass, Garden Chrysanthemum, Yellow Buttons, Hydrangea, and Jade roses.

VIDEOGRAPHY: I want the memories, but I don't care about the fancy professional video with love songs in the background. So, two of my sister's friends are videotaping the wedding. $20 gas, plus $80 each.

CATERER,* We had a caterer and drove by one day to see that her store was for lease. Mediterranean chicken on a bed of rice, with seasoned vegetables, southern style stuffed tenderloin, and roasted new potatoes.

BAR/ ALCOHOL: We are still undecided about this wedding detail. Most likely, we will buy the alcohol and have two friends serve it, as opposed to hiring a bartender.

CEREMONY LOCATION: The Caldwell Chapel, Presbyterian Seminary. A cathedral atmosphere with beautiful blue stained glass behind the altar.

DJ: Ed Purcell of Night Owl D J's is an old friend of Mike's. With Ed as our DJ, I have been able to rest assured the reception will run smoothly.


I would say my decorations are very minimal, partially due to the cost, and partially because of the rustic look of Mellwood Art Center part of the decorations. The tables, dance floor, and entrance are the most important areas to decorate. For the center of each table, Mike's dad is cutting what I can best describe as a tree trunk slice. On top of each tree trunk slice will be a few tea light candles and an odd number of mismatched jars with flowers. I am wrapping the columns with white Christmas lights and tulle to give offa soft glow around the dance floor. I haven't decided on the entrance decorations, but I do know I want to use various sizes of round hanging paper lanterns, so maybe that will be a good place to put them.

PHOTOGRAPHY: We chose Sarah Hester to be our photographer, a sweet and bubbly superorganized redhead.

HONEYMOON: St. Lucia, all-inclusive resort.

GUEST BOOK: One of my bridesmaids, Rachel (also my old roommate) is making my guest book as my wedding gift.

REHEARSAL DINNER: Cornerstone Cottage, Old Bardstown Road.

CAKE: Kim Dahl, my sister-in-law, is doing our wedding cake. She's passionate about cakes, and although this will be her first wedding cake, I trust her.

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