Turkey at the Crossroads: From "Change with Politics as Usual" to Politics with Change as Usual

The article analyzes the new roadmap for Turkey after the summer 2011 elections as not a "resumption" of unfinished business from the last nine years, but from the perspective of the ability of Turkeys ruling party, the AK Party, as well as the opposition forces and actors to "transform" some anachronistic features of the dominant politics as well as deal with troubling new trends in society. The AK Party governments made progress in many areas by pushing forward a series of far-reaching reforms which have genuinely changed Turkish politics. However, Turkey under AK Party rule includes a society which has failed to shed its extreme hostility toward different ideas, identities and values. Moreover, current opposition parties and movements in Turkey continue to be weak in imagination, vision, capacity and leadership, which have led to rigidities and even deeper political divisions. More importantly, the new government will have to create new possibilities out of its past failures and turn paradoxes, contradictions and ambiguities in politics and society, in the country and in the region, into positive achievements.

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