Globalization of media discourse by establishing virtual world space, developing communication media has created new patterns of action and new ways of interaction and social relations, which led to a complex reordering of human interaction patterns in space and time, resulting in twentieth century, an increase in public space. Globalization is now a globalization of media and communications-information companies. These large companies are concerned with growth, which means they must develop relations with other powers in the state. Therefore, can claim to act as the fourth power in the state, with a civic purpose and commitment to denouncing human rights abuses?. Decisive factor that contributed to the expansion of globalization is undoubtedly the media. Mass media have recently taken a magnitude that has never met before. Internet, television, press access to information of all people, regardless of what side of the globe they are, and with great speed. We begin today to speak more than a media culture, which compete with the traditional form of culture. Keywords: globalization, mass-media, effects.

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