Previous research has indicated a consistent relationship between paranormal belief and schizotypy. The present study sought to replicate these findings, and to explore the differential associations of various dimensions of paranormal belief with the various dimensions of schizotypy. Tobacyk's Paranormal Beliefs Scale (PBS), the Schizotypal Personality Questionnaire (SPQ), the STA, and the Magical Ideation and Perceptual Aberration scales were administered to a sample of 657 undergraduate students. Item-level factor analyses of the PBS and the SPQ each yielded 5 factors. Total scores on Tobacyk's PBS were significantly associated with scores on the STA, the Magical Ideation and Perceptual Aberration scales, total SPQ scores, and the Reality Distortion and Paranoid/Suspiciousness factors of the SPQ. The Reality Distortion dimension of schizotypy was more strongly and consistently related to paranormal beliefs than the other factors of schizotypy. All 5 factors of paranormal belief were significantly positively correlated with the STA and the SPQ Reality Distortion factor. Athough general measures of paranormal belief and schizotypy are significantly related, the association of paranormal beliefs with schizotypy varies across different facets of paranormal belief, and does not entail all aspects of schizotypy. Keywords: paranormal beliefs, schizotypy, reality distortion, magical ideation.

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