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Publication: The Stranger
Author: Anderson, Gillian
Date published: November 30, 2011


Charlie Barker is a married, fortyish, not-working actor living in Manhattan. He doesn't have the career he wants, but he's not willing to do anything to make it better beyond bitching about how ungreat things are. So he goes on a self-destructive bender, getting entangled with a pretty, big-boobed blond with a bizarro world philosophy who says thing like "Eating is terrible for you, don't do it." The more he hangs out with the annoying woman, the more annoying he becomes. The lead character is difficult to sympathize with, the entertainment industry is portrayed with vicious stereotypes, and the film too closely follows its original play format-with long scenes of people in apartments talking and fighting. (GILLIAN ANDERSON) Admiral Theatre, Fri-Sun 4, 9:10 pm, Mon-Tues 6:30 pm.

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