An Exploratory Study of Experimental Tools for Wireless Sensor Networks

The objective of this contribution is to present expositive review content on currently available experimental tools/services/concepts used for most emerging field Wireless Sensor Network that has capability to change many of the Information Communication aspects in the upcoming era. Currently due to high cost of large number of sensor nodes most researches in wireless sensor networks area is performed by using these expe-rimental tools in various universities, institutes, and research centers before implementing real one. Also the statistics gathered from these experimental tools can be realistic and convenient. These experimental tools provide the better option for studying the behavior of WSNs before and after implementing the physical one. In this contribution 63 simulators/simulation frameworks, 14 emulators, 19 data visualization tools, 46 test-beds, 26 debugging tools/services/concepts, 10 code-updation/reprogramming tools and 8 network monitors has been presented that are used worldwide for WSN researches. Keywords: Experimental Tools, Simulation, Emulation, Testbed, Data Visualization, Debugger, Network Monitor, Code-Updater, Wireless Sensor Network.

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