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Publication: Girls' Life
Date published: December 1, 2011

Not all ?-listers are born with amazing bods! WeVe found some celebs who work hard- and have fun while they're at ft. Try these out for a break from the routine.

Kendall Jenner

This reality babe gets toned by cheerleading. Cheerleaders have to strength-train, dance, do ab work and keep up the cardio. Can't sign up for the squad today? Try a cheer-based gymnastics class.

Vanessa Hudgens

Lotsa stars credit Pilates for their long 'n' lean limbs, but Vanessa also pumps up the cardio with spinning Caka, Indoor cycling) In addition to the core-carving practice.

Lauren Conrad

LC is more fit than ever, 'thanks to regular kickboxing seshes. Buh-bye, frustration. Hello, all-over toning. Try a class or DVD.

Lea Michele

Rachel Berry may be all about singing, but in real life, Lea shakes things up with a combo of trail running, yoga and medicine balls. Head to girislife.com for our fave medicine ball workout!

Raven Symone

What's the secret behind Raven's newly sculpted physique? Time on the elliptical. This machine is low-impact but torches calories. Add definition by doing some weights after.

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