Fabrication and Analysis of MEMS Test Structures for Residual Stress Measurement

A set of test structures for in situ stress measurement is presented. The test structures were realized by means of surface micromachining, adopting photoresist as a sacrificial layer and electroplated gold as a structural layer. Initially array of buckling type test structures cantilevers, fixedfixed beams, Guckel rings and diamond were used to find out critical buckling beam. Later on rotational type pointer, double indicator and long-short beam strain sensor were analyzed to find out stress. Stress measurement techniques using micromachined structures are compared with the wafer curvature technique. Analytical calculations of the fabricated structures were performed for plated gold for which the value of residual stress has been found between 100 and 150 MPa. Copyright 2011 IFSA. Keywords: MEMS test structures, Residual stress, Stress grathent, Surface micromachining.

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