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#1 Our Eve*olutiqn Fashion Show is January 19

Today's Woman wants to celebrate our 20th anniversary with you. Make plans to attend our Eve*olution Fashion Show on January 19, 6-9pm atibe Olmsted. We'll be featuring some of our past cover models - and a couple of men too! Goto www. iamtodayswo man , com to RSVP now and check our facebook page (www.facebook. com/todayswoman) for an update on models who'll be participating in the show.

#2 In The Next Room (or The Vibrator Play)


Sarah Ruhl's Tony-nominated, thought-provoking, funny and touching play is an exploration of love, longing and science in a time of invention and discovery. In a 19th century home, a doctor's new treatment for 'hysteria' is capturing everyone's attention, including that of his wife. As she overhears her husband's patients' sessions in the next room, they awaken feelings of her own. The World Premiere (February 2009 at Berkeley Rep) was directed by ATL's new Artistic Director, Les Walters, and the play was also a finalist for the 201 0 Puìitzer Prize for Drama.

WHEN * January 24-February 1 8 WHERE * Actors Theatre TKKETS * $24 and up GONTACT * The box office in person, 502.584.1205 or To reserve the services of the sign- interpreted performance Tuesday, February 7th @ 7:30pm) or the audio described performance (February 5th @ 2:30pm) contact the box office.

#3 Bettye LaVette


Just who is Bettye LaVetle? I think I'll quote Keith Richards' praises (yes, that Keith Richards) who, when referring to the American soul singer's most recení CD, Interpretations: The British Rock Songbook enthused: "When you hear a voice like Bettye LaVette's there's a sense of transportation (NOT to a penal colony!), but a certain freedom of movement and emotion, which is rare. The 'hands across the pond' aspect gives me a warm feeling. A connection! A great record. Put me in the fan club."

Additionally, The New York Times declared about the singer "Ms. Lavette now rivals Arefha Frank/in as her generation's most vital soul singer."

WHEN * January 13 @ 8pm WHERE * Clifton Center Eifler Theatre TICKETS * S33-S35 CONTACT *, or in person at Carrnichael's Bookstore (2720 Frankfort Ave.) or 502.896.6950.

- Gioia Patton

#4 A Little Night Music


Stephen Sondheim's masterpiece about an aging actress (Désirée), who finds herself renewing a romance with a married lawyer when she qrows tired of her blustering soldier lover, and the lawyer grows impatient with his persistently virginal child-bride. Romantic subplots collide during one eventful weekend in the country. Catherine Zeta-Jones won a Tony Award in 2010 for Best Actress in a Musical in the role of Désirée, who will be played in this production by one of my favorite regional performers for many years, the lovely singer/actress Colette Delaney, (i.e. CenterStage, Derby Dinner Playhouse, Music Theatre Louisville.)

WHEN * January 1 9-February 5 WHEW * CenterStage at the Jewish Community Center TICKETS * $18, Group rates available by request (15 or more) CONTACTUM * box office about Rush tickets CONTACTS At the front desk of JCC or 502.459.0660 -Gioia Patton

#5Boeing Boeing


Three beautiful flight attendants (American/ Italian/German) on a two-day layover in Paris with their architect fiancee sounds romantic, until you realize they are all waiting for the same guy! A frantic comedy unfolds filled with chaos, mayhem, and matchmaking. In the 2008 Broadway revival of this French farce, Mary McCormack (star of USA Network's In Plain Sight drama series) received a Tony nomination for her performance as Gretchen, the German flight attendant.

WHEN * January 10-February 19 WHERE * Derby Dinner Playhouse TICKETS * $34-543 CONTACTS * Box office 812.288.8281 or in person.

- Gioia Patton

#6 ATTENTION: Parents of Beautiful Babies

Your child could be on the cover of a future issue of Today's Family magazine. Enter him or her into the Today's Family magazine's annual Beautiful Baby contest for a chance to have a little fame and win other prizes. Go to to enter. DEADLINE is January 11.

If you would like to include your event in our upcoming issue, send it to Please include a hi-res ipeg image (photo should fee 500 dpi at 4x6 size). We must receive your information at least 6 weeks in advance. No phone calls, please.

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