Risks experience during pregnancy among teenagers in South West Nigeria

Pregnancy, a way of procreation is associated with many risks. This study determined the risks experience during pregnancy among teenagers in south west Nigeria. Aims and Objectives: To find the relationship between variables and conditions causing the risk of teenage pregnancy. Methods/study Design: 400 subjects were sampled through a multistage sampling technique, 20-items questionnaire was administered to the pregnant teenagers in south west Nigeria. Chisquare and ANOVA statistics were employed to test the hypotheses formulated at 0.05 alpha level of significant. Results/Findings: Based on the findings, age, type of occupations, stages of pregnancy played significant role in the determination of the risks experienced by pregnant teenagers. Conclusion: The health risks to the teenage mothers as well as their babies are numerous, birth injury, low birth weight, premature birth and other damages can occur in the birth process that renders them infertile or endangers their lives. Recommendations were made to entrenched reproductive health education into the school curriculum among others. Keywords: Risks, Pregnancy, Teenagers, South-west Nigeria.

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