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For me January is a full month. As an insurance broker, much of our business renews in January. And, since my birthday falls in January, it's also a time for refl ection and planning. As I refl ect on 2011, I am struck by the many milestones and happy moments it has included. All three of our daughters now have jobs and places of their own. Our oldest got married in September to a wonderful man. And my golf game started to come around. And for NRPA and our members, it was another challenging year.

Two thousand twelve looks to be equally challenging. To paraphrase the physicist Ernest Rutherford, "We've run out of money, it's time to start thinking."

The year ahead will be critical for us. Since it is an election year, we have the opportunity to collectively raise our voices and be heard. We need to speak as one, but we need to come up with new, fresh ideas. We need to help our politicians: we need to show them we are part of the solution-not just an expense.

Last month, in this magazine, you met your Board. This is a bright, dedicated group. People who have volunteered their time to work with you. It is an honor to be associated with them.

We are only 21, though. We need your help, your voices, your ideas. We need you to engage in the dialogue-and share your suggestions, questions, and successes. It can't be a dialogue about the way it was, but rather about the possibilities in front of us now.

We have an opportunity to shape our future. Early in my sales career I was taught that you can be a part of someone else's plan or you can be a part of your own plan.

Let's start thinking. Let's make it our collective plan.

I look forward to the challenges of 2012. I hope, wish, that this is your best year yet.

Author affiliation:

Bob Johnson

Chair of the Board of directors

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