Get Your Gele: Nigerian Dress, Diasporic Identity, and Translocalism

In the U.S., Texas is home to the largest Nigerian-American community, specifically in Tarrant, Harris, Dallas, & Travis Counties. This study was designed to explore Texan-Nigerian- American's levels of ethnic identity and self-esteem as compared to other immigrant groups and ethnic minority groups in Texas. This project specifically looked at correlations between ethnic identity in relation to dress and tradition. This was a triangulated exploratory study, which uses online surveys to measure ethnic identity, face-to-face interviews, and participant observation/focus groups within the Nigerian-American community. Results showed that Nigerian-Americans have considerably higher ethnic identity rates than other ethnic minority groups in Texas and wear ethnic dress with higher frequency. Qualitative analysis found that there was a preference for ethnic anonymity amongst younger Nigerian-Americans, even among those who wear Nigerian dress. Keywords: ethnic dress, ethnic identity, Nigerian-Americans, self-esteem, Texas.

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