Living the Indigenous Ways of Knowing: The African Self and a Holistic Way of Life

My aim in writing this paper is to theorize my Diasporic Indigenous African experiences in Canada, because I wish to first rupture the notion that Indigenous knowledges' have nothing to offer. Secondly, I wish to anchor my discursive authority as an author in the teachings of my forefathers. Engaging in this academic exercise I come to discuss my attachment to Somalia, since I live in Canada today, where I've grown up and spent most of my life. Through writing this paper I also wish to affirm and express my Indigenous African heritage in the academy. With an Indigenous lens I will share my personal identity struggles and explain the path that I have traveled on my journey to reclaim my Indigeneity. In this paper I stress the importance of an Indigenous social consciousness as a means of strengthen in the community, and the importance of invoking our embodied Indigeneity of our ancestral communal knowledge to resist the White supremacist society in which we live. I conclude by offering the concepts of Aqal Somali and dhaqan badiyo as a means by which members of the Somali Diaspora can establish healthy and vibrant Indigenous communities in Canada. Key Words: Indigenous knowledges, Somali dhaqan, Indigeneity, Diaspora.

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