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Publication: The Stranger
Author: Galvin, Sarah
Date published: January 18, 2012


General manager, C.C. Attle's 1701 E Olive Way, 726-0565

So your old space is being torn down to make way for the "hypereffi cient" Bullitt Center, which will supposedly be the "greenest commercial building in the world." Did you move to Olive because you feared being forced to incorporate compost into your drinks?

The Bullitts were good to us and offered a lease extension. But I think it might have been so radically different, it would have driven away our clientele. We've really tried to honor our old space in the new location. Lots of people loved our old deck, which we've tried to replicate here.

You said you're changing your menu. What possible way could your selection of giant burgers and fried things be improved upon?

We're adding a chicken burger and a veggie burger. Our cocktails will still be more cluck for your buck!

How did you acquire "Dirk," your enormous Plasticine lumberjack statue?

I don't know. We put him on the roof of the old building. He was stolen, but then someone called and told us they knew where he was.

You mentioned you took your ferret to the vet yesterday. Is the ferret allowed to serve drinks if it wears a hairnet?

[Laughs] No, though we've actually thought it would be fun to build a tube structure for ferrets. But we are a dogfriendly bar.

Interview by Sarah Galvin

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