The current research work was carried out with the objective of evaluating gross and histopathological changes in different organs due to tuberculosis in 15 tuberculin test positive animals. Out of fifteen cases 12 animals revealed pulmonary form of tuberculosis, 01 with generalized form and 2 animals showed no observable lesions. The frequency of caseative lesions in affected animals were 73.73% (11/15) in bronchial lymphnode, 66.67% (10/15) in lungs, 40.0% (06/15) in mediastinal lymphnode. The remaining organs such as prescapular, retropharyngeal, mesenteric lymphnode, intestine and liver showed lesion at 6.67% (1/15). In histopathological study, granulomatous inflammation was observed in all affected organ characterized by focal or multifocal areas of central caseation with or without calcification, surrounded by a zone of inflammatory cells consisting of lymphoid cells, epitheloid cells and Langhan's type of giant cells. Key words: Bovine Tuberculosis, Mycobacterium, Histopathology.

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