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When it comes to your opinions, do you tell it like it is or keep your thoughts to yourself?

Honesty may be the best policy, but sometimes things are better left unsaid. Do you know when critiques are A-OK and when they're totally off-limits? Take this quiz to find out if you're serving up the awful truth.

1. Your BFF strolls into homeroom, grinning in her new neon yellow puffer. You can tell she's lovin' it, but she lights up the room In a not-so-good way. You...

A. Say, "Wow, eye-catching," teause, well, it is. Then change the subject to school.

B. Tell her you're dlggir´ her new threads and say youtÝ love to get one, too. It'll break her heart If you tell her she looks like a comforter crossed with a caution sign.

C. Ask her if she has a gig as a crossing guard after school. If you don't tell her the real deal, who will?

2. Your bud's mom just served up her "famous" chili. Simply put, ITs awful. When she asks how it Is, you...

A. Smile and tell her ItJs delish Sure, your mouth is on fire, but you dont see the point in bashing it

B. Tell her you prefer your chili sweeter, but this Is an, urn, Interesting take.

C. Advise her to ease up on the chill powder next time around. Hey, she asked.

3. The shy girl in your group English project wants to take the lead, but her last go at presenting was a disastrous stutterfest. You...

A. Let her know you can't afford a bad grade and steer her toward something sheis actually good at

B. Work overtime to give her a word-forword outline. If she has a script she might nix the stumbles and stammers.

C. Suggest everyone has a go so one person isn't stuck gabbing for the group.

4. Your boss at Froyo World mixed up your shift sched, then gave you a warning for a no-show. You...

A. Let her know about the miscommunication and tell her you'll double-check the schedule in the future.

B. Give her a baffled look and quickly remind her that she made the mistake and you don't appreciate being faulted.

C. Apologize, take the blame and offer to make It up to her by picking up extra shifts this weekend.

5. Your pal has been complaining about how she's packing on pounds lately, but still reaches for her third box of V-Day chocolates at a singles sleepover. You...

A. Give her a look, then ever-so-dellcately say she might want to give the sweets a rest for the night

B. Pretend you dont notice and go back to your chick-flick marathon. ItS really not your place to say anything.

C. Tell her she has an amazing metabolism cause thereS no way you could stay slim stuffing yourself with sugar.

6. A girl in your crew is dating Mr. Know-It-Ail, who you, frankly, find infuriating. When she brings him up, you...

A. Gush about how much you adore him and how happy you are for her. Shes crazy about him- why burst her bubble?

B. Ask her how she can stand his pretentious ways. There's no chance youti ever date someone like that

C. Tell her he seems super smart He may be lacking in the personality department but it's not like you're dating him.

7. Your chem partner's perfume is so strong it makes you want to hurl all over your Bunsen burner. You...

A. Hold your breath until the end of class and ask your teach if she could say something to her on the sly.

B. Give her kudos on her signature scent She obviously wants someone to notice or she wouldn't wear so much.

C. Blurt out that you're allergic to liliesincluding the smell of 'em- and hope she gets the hint

8. Your BFF calls fuming about her sis, who trudged your pal's spankin' new suede boots through the snow. You...

A. Let her go on and on. Clearly, these boots are a big deal to her.

B. Listen to your girl vent then give her some ideas on how she can get the boots back to spie '?' span.

C. Remind her that she did the same thing with your shearling boots last year. Karmas a B, huh?

9. You make a visit to your BF's crib for a spontaneous hello. ..and are greeted with the biggest pigsty pad you've ever seen in your life. You...

A. Ask him if his fam was on Hoarders. You're sure you've seen that dingy wallpaper on the show.

B. Tell him his mom must be a free spirit and you're digging the "quirky" interior.

C. Stay mum and make a mental note to hang at your house for future dates.

10. You ask your guidance counselor to propose some extracurrics to boost your college resume. After some snooze-worthy suggestions, you...

A. Give her Insight into what you're passionate about In hopes of better opps.

B. Ask her If she has a list of non-boring clubs you'd actually want to join cause her ideas just ain't cutting it

C. Listen to what she has to say and give her a thumbs up when she asks if shes helped you out at all.


1. A. 2, B. 3, C 1

2. A. 3, B. a C. 1

3. A.1, B. 3, C. 2

4. A. 2, B.1, C. 3

5. A.1, B. 2, C. 3

6. A3, B.1, C. 2

7. A. 2, B. 3, C. 1

8. A. 3, B. 2, Cl

9. A. 1, B. 3, C. 2

10. A. a B.1, C. 3

10-16 POINTS Big MOUth

Wowsa, girlie, thoughts pop into your head and you can't help but blurt out exactly what you're thinking. You've gotta realize when it's not the time or place to offer an opinion. Speaking up during a friends family feud or to a teacher In the heat of the moment can lead to disaster, not to mention its disrespectful. Learn to filter your responses with tact and good timing. You'll see you can still be candid and courteous while still being, well, you.

17-23 POINTS Tight Lipped

Your motto? If you've got nothing nice to say, you say nothing at all. You know how to offer up your opinion when its warranted, but you're also aware of when Its just not your place to chime in. Bonus points for being able to rework your delivery of sensitive topics and when speaking to an adult Keep doing what you're doing- your know-how for inserting honesty when Its appropriate means you'll continue to leave an amazing Impression.

24-30 POINTS Tongue Tied

You're a darling with the best intentions- even If it means telling a white lie to hide the honest-to-goodness truth. Sure, you might think you're doing the polite thing, but telling a fib to save feelings will have ya losing your own voice in the end. Practice sounding off on your real thoughts and you'll soon see that you don't have to compromise your feelings to keep theirs intact. Dish honesty respectfully. Peeps will give ya props for it.

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