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Publication: Girls' Life
Author: Taylor, Brittany
Date published: February 1, 2012
Language: English
PMID: 58534
ISSN: 10783326
Journal code: GRLF

Sitting around waiting for candygrams is so last year. Take charge of the season's sweetest day by showing the special peeps in your life just how much they matter to you. From your sistahs to your sibs, top teachers to terrif neighbors, we've come up with creative ways to open your heart. Brush off your bow and rustle up an arrow, 'cause It's time to play Cupid.

Your gang o girlfriends

Pack your bag with rolls of pink and red paper and ribbon and book it to school early on Valentine's Day. Wrap your buds' lockers and decorate with their favorite things- Hershey's Hugs and Kisses, T-Swizzle song lyrics and construction paper conversation hearts.

A broken-hearted BFF

Whether she was cut from the team or dumped by her dude, your prezzie for this pal is QT. Grab a pair of peppermint mochas plus your pedi kit and head over to her house for some much-needed rest, relaxation and girl talk.

The new girl

Befriend her. There's no such thing as too many friends, so invite her to sit with you at lunch, partner up in gym class or come over after school. She might not be your new bestie, but a friendly face in the halls is one of the best gifts of all.

The BGF you're diggin'

DlY a V-Day card, pack It with legit compliments, sign off with a flirty "XOX," then slip it in his locker. According to our love survey (see page 54D, three out of every five guys is crushing on his best girl friendthose are pretty good odds, babe!

Behind-the-scenes heroes

Go beyond a courtesy thank you when the lunch lady offers up a slice or your assistant coach critiques your volleyball serve. Pick a moment during downtime- theirs, not yours- to tell 'em how much you appreciate what they do for you on a daily basis. Bonus? A recent study shows expressing gratitude makes you feel good, too.

Your adorkable lab partner

Make your fave bio brainiac's day: Wrap a handful of Smarties in colorful cellophane. Tie off the ends with ribbon, candy-style, attach a witty note about his amazing knack for knowledge and leave it on his desk.

Your homeroom

Remember how awesome celebrating Valentine's was back in kindergarten? Kick it old school by bringing in a treat everyone can enjoy. Head to girlslife.com for some easy-peasy, everyone-can-eat-it recipes.

Your li'l sis

Even when she's at her most bratty, your little sib admires your every move. So gift the squirt with one of your most treasured possessions, like a fave book or stuffed animal. She'll love that you're trusting her with something so special- and will see ya as an even cooler sis Cas if that's even possible!].

Mon and Dad

In the weeks leading up to V-Day, ask your parents to show you a household chore like ironing or making coffee. Then, wake up early and surprise them with a steamed shirt or steaming mug of joe.

The tots you sit for every Saturday night

Pick out a cutesy card featuring their favorite cartoon characters. The kids will get a kick out of the just-forthem mail-and Mom and Dad will love that you went out of your way to put a smile on their sweeties' faces.

Your favorite (fill in the blank)

Can't wait til Meg Cabot's next novel hits bookstores? Addicted to your local TexMex restaurant's enchiladas? Pen a quick note telling them sol You might not get a reply, but your letter will be read, reread, passed around, shown off and appreciated, guaranteed.

Everyone you know

Make a point of doling out five sincere compliments every day. Tell your teacher her hair looks fab. Mention to the math whiz that you wish you were as good as he is at proofs. And cheer on the b-ball superstar when she hits a three-pointer in gym. Good vibes all around!

Anyone else

Tired of seeing grimaces on passers-by? Make a game of flashin' your pearly whites at everyone who walks your way. It'll brighten their day and make you feel pretty darn good when they smile right back at ya.

The world

Set aside a few dollars each week to go toward a cause that truly speaks to you (head to girlslife.com for some of our faves). Ask your 'rents to match your moolah for an even bigger contribution. Another option? Spend time volunteering instead. Or if ya can, do both!

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