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Publication: Girls' Life
Author: Waller, Jessica D'Argenio
Date published: February 1, 2012
Language: English
PMID: 58534
ISSN: 10783326
Journal code: GRLF

Show off your petal prowess by making a presh bouquet.

The art of flower arranging is exactly that- an art But you don't have to take a course to be a pro. Just remember to work with stems in multiples of three (whether that's colors, flower types or the number of buds), and start with greenery as a base to offset larger, heavier blooms, says Amy Epstein, owner of Crimson S Clover Floral Design. Expert tip: Arrange the bouquet in your hand first, tie off with a green twist tie and drop it into the vase. Voilą!

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