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Publication: Today's Woman
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PMID: 59134
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Do you wish you could add a few more inches to your short legs? Well, you can't fight genetics, but there is a way to make your legs look longer.


CHRISTY TRAVIS, who is S-foot-2, had been wearing the wrong type of jeans for her height. Jennifer Foster, store manager at Talbots, says flared leg and boot cut jeans are usually considered to be the best choice for short women but neither of these styles worked for Christy. "The boot cut and flared jeans were overwhelming to her shape. You didn't see her. You just saw the jeans hanging on her. It really shocked me, because it went against everything I knew," said Jennifer.


The skinny jeans, paired with heels, elongated Christy's legs and showed her true shape. For petite women like Christy, Jennifer suggests buying jeans that are more fitted and have a tailored look. "Don't be afraid to show your shape."

Sweater, $129; skinny jeans, $100; shoes, $159; necklace, $59. All items available at Talbots, 194 N. Hurstbourne Parkway 502.423.9445.

"These jeans looked a little loose and the wider leg made her legs look bigger."

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