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Publication: Armada International
Date published:
Language: English
PMID: 32892
ISSN: 02529793
Journal code: FAIN

A new wide-area surveillance radar designed to protect coastlines, maritime infrastructure and harbours has been developed by Cassidian and was launched during the Lima exhibition in Malaysia. The Spexer 2000 uses Active Electronically Scanning Array (Aesa) technology to provide multi-tasking and multimode capabilities and can, according to the company, replace two or more conventional radars. The Spexer 2000 has an instrumented range of 21 .6 nm (40 km) and is able to detect, track and classify objects as slow and small as dinghies and swimmers due to its high sea clutter suppression algorithms. The Spexer 2000 can detect sea. land and air targets, and can cue cameras for more detailed identification.

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