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Publication: Armada International
Date published:
Language: English
PMID: 32892
ISSN: 02529793
Journal code: FAIN

Hand-held SDR radios are becoming all the rage, and to this end Elbit Systems C4I -Tadiran has released its SDR-7200HH radio which combines narrow- and wideband waveforms (NBWF/WBWF) in a small, 650-gram package. The SDR7200HH was designed with an SCA 2.2-compliant architecture and provides 25-kHz and 1-MHz frequency spacing in narrow and wideband respectively. AES 256-bit encryption developed around Elbit-proprietary algorithms are standard, and ad hoc networking with 32 nodes narrow and 150 nodes wideband allow for seamless operation. The -7200HH can host multiple waveforms and a video camera can be connected directly to the radio's 2.8-inch colour display for video streaming and reception. The radio includes synchronous orthogonal frequency hopping for enhanced ECCM performance.

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