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MEINL Fiberglass Digeridoos and Thomas Lang Practice Pads

New Meinl fiberglass digeridoos feature a flared bell for enhanced sound projection. They're 57" long and come in two different finishes featuring a hand-painted design. Each instrument is tuned to a specific note.

The two new Thomas Lang practice pads have a distinctive look featuring Lang's own tribal ring design along with the drummer's autograph. The 6" pad's round shape and small size make it easy to store and carry, even in a stick bag. The pad is mountable on a normal cymbal stand, and the bottom is covered with foam to prevent sliding. The 12" model, which also features a no-slip bottom, is made for quiet practicing on a snare drum and can mount in a standard snare stand. Both pads provide a realistic playing feel with natural rebound.


Travis Barker Cowbell

The Latin Percussion Travis Barker Ridge Rider cowbell is an 8" mountable bell featuring artwork originally designed by Brian "Pushead" Schroeder for the cover of Barker's most recent album, Give the Drummer Some. The bell is based on LP's Salsa Sergio model, which has been Barker's cowbell of choice for years. The pitch is slightly lower than that of the LP Rock Ridge Rider cowbell, and the Barker model features a yellow Jenigor bar to dampen the sound and resist denting. List price; $77.99.

POLECAT PERCUSSION Tripod Replacement System

The PoleCat is a permanent percussion stand holder that eliminates the need for traditional tripod legs, offering exact placement of your kit every time while minimizing your playing area. Made of lightweight polyurethane and fiberglass, the PoleCat system attaches to a typical stage platform. Custom orders are welcome.

CRESCENDO DM Music Earplugs

The DM line offers four color-coded models, each with a different level of strength for protecting the ear against damage from high-decibel music. Options include black (25dB), white (20dB), blue (15dB), and green (10dB). The DM plugs incorporate DEC filter technology that offers flat attenuation. As a result music is brought down to a comfortable volume level while maintaining an even frequency range.


Recycled Cast-Aluminum Snares

Provenance Drums is making cast-aluminum snares using recycled high-performance historical artifacts such as the engine of a Jaguar sports car, a WWII Spitfire, or part of a NASA rocket.


Armor Drum Mat and World Percussion Cases

The Armor Drum Mat features a durable, high-quality carpet with a unique non-skid gel backing. It incorporates reinforced edges and an exclusive fabric-hinged center that allows the carpet to fold and roll into a compact 32x8x8 bundle. The list price for a standard-size 78x62 mat is $141.50. A larger 107x62 version sells for $188.50.

New to the Ahead Armor line is a wide range of cases for Latin and world percussion instruments and accessories, including congas, bongos, and djembes, as well as multipurpose bags for small percussion instruments such as shakers, bells, and blocks. Ahead Armor also offers a choice of cases for cajon, including a convenient Dyna-Zip bag and a unique backpack-style model.

KORG Wavedrum Mini

The Wavedrum Mini borrows technology from the popular Wavedrum series and provides a playable pad, speaker, sounds, effects, patterns, and a loop recorder, as well as a sensor clip to transform any object into a second sound source. The instrument offers a hundred ready-to-play sounds, from acoustic-emulating drum and percussion voices to synth tones. Additional sounds can be accessed by attaching the sensor clip to a tabletop, cup, or any object, transforming that item into a percussion instrument. Ten multi-effects are available, including spatial-type effects (delay, chorus, and reverb), modern effects (filters and pitch shifters), and distortion.

The Wavedrum Mini also contains a hundred rhythm patterns covering a range of styles. The Looper function will record and play back any Wavedrum Mini performance, and an unlimited number of overdubs can be added, creating complex, multi-sound patterns. (The total record length is twenty-five seconds.) List price: $430.

NATAL Ash, Birch, Bubinga, and Maple Drumsets

Natal Drums was established in London in 1965 and focused primarily on congas and bongos. Around the same time, Jim Marshall, a drummer and also the founder of Marshall Amplification, owned a drum shop where he sold Natal percussion. In 2011, Marshall purchased Natal and began manufacturing a range of drums and drumsets in addition to percussion. Kits are currently available in ash, birch, bubinga, and maple, with matching snares, as well as in a variety of metal options.

TRX Digital Cymbal Studio and NRG Series

The TRX Digital Cymbal Studio (DCS) is a collection of studio-quality samples of dozens of handcrafted TRX cymbals. Produced by Ample Libraries using state-of-the-art recording equipment and proprietary production techniques, DCS is an expansion pack for Native Instruments' popular sample-playing software Kontakt 4 and 5 and is intended for use in a variety of studio and live situations. The TRX DCS includes a diverse yet complete collection of nearly a hundred sounds from the company's popular Original and Icon lines.

The NRG series consists of handcrafted cymbals developed to meet the needs of today's hardcore and metal drummers. Featuring extreme weights, tapers, and profiles, along with special lathing and hammering that enable better upper-frequency projection, NRG cymbais have an energetic, extra-bright, very powerful sound. Available models include 20'', 21'', and 22'' rides; 16'', 17'', 18'', 19'', 20'', and 21'' crashes; 12'', 14'', and 16'' hi-hats; 10'', 11'', and 12'' splashes; and 15'', 17'', 19'', and 21'' Chinas.

CYMBAL DOCTOR Duo and Trio Mini Kits

The Duo cymbal-cleaning kit is made for the drummer who likes to work by hand. It includes the Cymbal Doctor proprietary cleaner and sealer, plus gloves, an applicator pad, and a microfiber towel. List price: $39.95.

The Trio is a mini kit designed for the drummer who has a reciprocal machine with the proper rpm and adapter. The European proprietary hook-and-loop pad installs in seconds. The kit includes the Cymbal Doctor proprietary cleaner, polish, and sealer, plus a buffing pad, gloves, an applicator, and a microfiber towel. List price: $69.95.

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