Publication: Modern Drummer : MD
Date published:
Language: English
PMID: 78640
ISSN: 01944533
Journal code: MDDR


A side project from MMW's drummer packs a creative punch.

On this brief horns-heavy release, drummer BILLY MARTIN of Medeski Martin & Wood juxta-poses traditional and more modern beats, taking the listener on a whirlwind rhythmic journey. On "Remington 411," old-school funk grooves containing traces of hip-hop glide alongside DJ Olive's space-age sonic effects and sidle up next to the brass section's call-and-response phrases. The free-jazz-style tom fills scurrying around the Martin-penned "Cry" are the flip side to the African-flavored syncopated rhythms of "Congo March" and secondline patterns of "El Ritmo." It may run only twenty-five minutes, but short on musical ideas this record isn't. (Amulet) Will Romano

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