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Three other musical acts with humanist messages were recently profiled on the AHA's podcast, The Humanist Hour.


What's funny about war, poverty, ignorance, bigotry, neo-conservatism, homophobia, greed, lust, and fear? Ask Roy Zimmermanhe's been writing and performing satirical songs about such topics for twenty years. With classics like "Creation Science 101," and "Abstain With Me," Zimmerman has k.d. lang, and former Pixies frontman Frank Black. His latest CD, You're Getting Sleepy, features songs like "Vote Republican," a mesmerizing mockery of GOP nonsense in the run-up to the 2012 election and "Citizens United," a sensuous slow-jam sneer at corporate personhood.

SHELLEY SEGAL is a singer-songwriter from Melbourne, Australia, who's been performing and teaching music for the past ten years. She recently released An Atheist Album, seven songs on religion and related themes through the prism of her secular humanism. With another album coming out, Segal will perform her folk/jazz/blues/and rock-infused songs at the April Global Atheist Convention in Australia and, in June, at the American Humanist Association's Annual Conference in New Orleans.


This Raleigh, NC, band started less than two years qgo as a rotating group of friends jamming in a basement, and is now playing live shows. The lineup includes Bruce Harris (vocals & bass), his brother Sammy Harris (drums & recording engineer), Chris Holcomb (lead guitar), and father-son combo of Charles and Todd Stiefel (keyboard and rhythm guitar, respectively). Mixing blues, punk, heavy metal, grunge, and classic rock, Words Such As Burn's humanistic songs include "Fallacy One: Argument from Ignorance" and "Over You." Their first single, "Flow," examines the painful divide between atheists and theisfs, while also offering hope of what could be. Proceeds from the song (available on iTunes or Amazon) go to the Secular Student Alliance.

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