Solo Sampler

Publication: American Theatre
Date published: March 1, 2012

TRENTON, N.J.: Who says one is the loneliest number? Not Passage Theatre Company, whose i lth annual Solo Flights Festival will host five solo artists (plus two ensembles) March 2-25. In a press release. Passage artistic director June BaI linger describes the festival as a "Whitman's Sampler" that "allows us the opportunity to introduce stylistic and artistic diversity to our authence."

The selection for the 2012 Solo Flights, with the theme "In Good Company," includes Comes Lave, A Tribute to Billie Holiday, written by Demetria Joyce Bailey and Vince di Mura; Donna Orbits the Moon, performed by Andrea Gallo and written by Ian August, in which a housewife and mother finds herself being pulled into space; and an homage to ninjas and superheroes, Punchkapow!, featuring two actors from Team Sunshine Performance Corporation. Visit www. passu gethearre. org.

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