Publication: Musical Merchandise Review
Date published:
Language: English
PMID: 105513
ISSN: 00274615
Journal code: MMRV

Texas sheet music and music publishing stalwart Southern Music Go. recently announced that it plans on closing the doors at its 5,000 square foot store for the final time by the end of February. The announcement came in early February in the San Antonio News Express, and the store has cited the long-lasting recession.

"It's been like the Super Bowl media day since they ran that article," general manager Bob Dingley told MMR. The rest of San Antonio flocked to the story and it brought in a flood of last-minute customers. But the shop, run by 8 5 -yearold Arthur Gurwitz, already had its sights set on February 25th as a closing date.

"We all had this vision for decades that we were recession proof, because usually by the time that would ever affect school budgets, the economy was turning around again," he said. "Well, this one didn't do that."

Dingley, who himself has 45 years experience in the music business including six at Southern, says he expects Southern's catalog to find a home soon. "As soon as we put out word," he said, "about half a dozen publishers have come to the table with interest in the Publications division. It appears to me that a deal is going to be struck relatively fast, so the catalog will not be unavailable for very long at all."

Dingley grew up in Texas, says he has a long relationship with the store the predates his ever even moving to San Antonio. "As a 12 and 13 -year-old trumpet player, I used to have to come to San Antonio to buy my music because, on the other side in Houston, we didn't have a music store. So I was customer back then."

Gurwitz has plans to finally retire after a lifetime of dedication to the business, while Dingley still has his mind on publishing. "I still have confidence in this business and certainly plan to stay in print music myself."

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