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During this month of unpredictable weather, we are going to enjoy:

* Using the Sherman Minton Bridge. Real estate on the northwest side of Louisville just went up.

* The 2nd blooming of the daffodils. They started blooming in February, but I hope they have a chance to do it right in March.

* The Girl Scouts 100th Birthday Party on March 12, 4-6pm at The Girl Scouts Center.

* Cinderella dancing in the Louisville Ballet. This is the version written by choreographers Alun Jones and (2003 Most Admired Woman in the Arts category) Helen Starr.

* Women's History Month: Raise your tea cup (or that Grande Latte) to the many women who have come before us and made our path easier.

* We could ask someone to do something crazy for the next cover...

** Maybe when your umbrella flips inside out in some crazy March rain/wind.

*** Maybe a vision board like Abigail (page 42).

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