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Six steps to perfect lips.

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Publication: Today's Woman
Author: White, Tiffany
Date published: March 1, 2012
Language: English
PMID: 59134
Journal code: TYWN

You can have fuller lips without spending money on lip injections or lip plumpers that sting and injure lip tissue. Makeup artist Holly Oyler of Holly Oyler Cosmetics says creating the realistic illusion of fuller lips is all about connecting the dots. Holly begins by applying a lip primer to Betty's lips to fill in fine lines and give her lips a smooth finish.

1. Using a light taupe eye pencil, place eight dots on specific parts of the rim of the lips (shown below). Holly uses an eye pencil because it has less oil than a lip pencil therefore acting as a better barrier for defining your lips. The dots, says Holly, are used as a guide for applying the lipstick in a way that will make your lips look fuller but natural.

2. Re-dot the dots using a lip pencil that is one shade darker than your lipstick. Now you are ready to connect the dots.


3. With your lip liner, beginning with dot A at the center of the bottom lip, create a line up to the bottom corner of the lip (dot B) on both sides. Holly says "your hand will naturally sweep up to the contour of the lip so that you are sweeping up rather than down."

4. At dot C, create a line up and toward the bow of the lip, connecting to dot D.

5. Next, make a diagonal line from dot D to dot E on both sides to form an X.

6. Then apply your lipstick.

To make Betty's lips look a bit larger. Holly applied the lip pencil over her lipstick. If you would prefer not to use the dot system, Holly suggests applying your lipstick first then outlining your lips with a lip pencil in a color that is one shade darker than the lipstick.

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