Publication: The Stranger
Date published:
Language: English
PMID: 59135
Journal code: STRR


Fake It So Real-the story of the MWF (Millennium Wrestling Federation), a teeny-tiny amateur-wrestling group from Lincolnton, North Carolina-is pure documentary filmmaking. From the minute the film starts, the viewer is picked up and dropped into the ring with the wrestlers, and the intimacy remains all the way through the final match. This kind of fly-on-the-wall objectivity is difficult, but somehow director Robert Greene achieves it, without inserting any irony or snark. Snarkiness would be gleefully easy with the subject matter-most of the wrestlers don't have very much money, and most members in their small group of fans don't have very many teeth. Classism doesn't seem to be the focus though-Greene leans, instead, towards making an honest portrait of small-town, no-budget entertainment wrestling. If you're like me, you'll happily root for all these underdogs, especially the wrestler named J-Prep, who somehow, because of medication when he was a child, developed a gigantic, bouncy ba-donka-donk, aka a HUGE ass. (KELLY O) Grand Illusion, Fri, Mon-Tues 6:45 pm, Sat- Sun 4:45 pm, 6:45 pm.

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