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Publication: The Stranger
Author: Graves, Jen
Date published: March 21, 2012


German documentary filmmaker Corinna Belz did not go far enough in capturing the gerund of Gerhard Richter Painting. There is too much thinking and talking in the movie, and while Richter is a brilliant talker, it is irritating to listen to him repeat the age-old adage that he simply knows when an abstract painting is right but can't explain why. Better would have been a movie without any talking at all, driven entirely by the sounds of the giant squeegee across the canvas, the slop and the scrape and the slurp, the image morphing unpredictably every time-so that every pull is an act of chance as well as choice. Just Gerhard Richter painting is all that's needed. He simply doesn't tell you anything you can't already see in the terrific footage of him inside his studio, grappling physically with the impossible problem of making an abstract painting right. (JEN GRAVES) Northwest Film Forum, Fri-Tues 7, 9 pm.

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