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Publication: Sunset
Date published: April 1, 2012
Language: English
PMID: 10396
ISSN: 00395404
Journal code: GSUN

The ideal groundcovers to grow between pavers form low, tight mounds. Choose your paver type first, then select the plant that looks best beside it- and likes your garden's conditions

BLUE STAR CREEPER (Pratia pedunculate). Tiny flowers dot it in spring. FILTERED SHADE; SUNSET CLIMATE ZONES 4-9, 14-24

FLAGSTONE (ROSE) As warm-toned as Colorado's red rocks.

DYMONDIA MARGARETAE Spidery leaves have white undersides. Striking with sandstone; takes light foot traffic. SUN OR PART SHADE; ZONES 15-24

SLATE Dramatic, especially in a black, charcoal, or deep jade green shade.

SEDUM SPURIUM - 'DRAGON'S BLOOD' Reddish brown leaves make a smoldering backdrop for pink and gray echeverias. SUN OR PART SHADE; ZONES 1-10, 14-24

FLAGSTONE (PEACH) - Bright, like desert sand

WOOLLY THYME (Thymus pseudolcmuginosusj. Undulating mat of woolly gray leaves is sometimes covered in midsummer with pinkish flowers. SUN, OR PART SHADE IN HOTTEST CLIMATES; ZONES A2-A3, 1-24

SEDUM RUPESTRE 'BLUE SPRUCE' Needlelike foliage resembles blue spruce, except it's soft and succulent. SUN OR PART SHADE; ZONES 2-24

BABY'S TEARS fSoleirolia sole/roiiij. Coollooking groundcover with tender leaves you won't want to step on. PART SHADE, OR SUN IN COOL CLIMATES; ZONES 4-24; H1-H2

CARPET BUGLE (Ajuga reptans 'Dixie Chip'). Leaves of green, cream, and rose-purple are topped with violet-blue flower spikes in spring. SUN OR PART SHADE; ZONES A2-A3, 1-24

SEDUM RUPESTRE 'ANGELINA' A chameleon; yellow-green foliage often turns orange at the tips in fall. SUN TO PART SHADE; ZONES 2-24

BLACK MONDO GRASS (Ophiopogon plon/scapus 'Nigrescens'). Leaves emerge green, then turn black. SUN, PART SHADE INLAND; ZONES 5-9, 14-24

FLAGSTONE (BUFF) Icy overtones.


Flagstone (rose)

Blue star creeper


Black mondo grass

Dymondia margaretae

Flagstone (buff)

Flagstone (peach)

'Blue Spruce' sedum

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