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Publication: National Dragster
Date published: April 6, 2012

Twitter accounts to follow: Jon Capps (@JonCapps); Mark Martino (@MarkMartinoNHRA)

Sweet Tweets

Larry Dixon (@Dixontopfuel): "@jimhansenauto: @Dixontopfuel do you fish?" For now just sponsors. ;)

Ron Capps (@NapaRonCapps): Ran into my old friend Vince Vaughn, cool as ever & took a pic w Caden

Courtney Force (@CourtneyForce): Jealous! He's my favorite actor!

Capps: he watches races at times, but he told me he turns the tv off after you go out Courtney.....<grin>

Force: wut! Ur probably pullin my chain, but that made my day! Lol Thanks!

Quick pic

Pro Stock Motorcycle Fashion Statements

Shawn Gann: Astronaut in training or world's fastest baked potato? Michael Ray: Auditioning for the new Wally?

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