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Publication: Canadian Mennonite
Author: Haluza-Delay, Taryn
Date published: April 2, 2012
Language: English
PMID: 55064
ISSN: 1480042X
Journal code: CAMN

Snow camp at Camp Valaqua is something I look forward to every year. It's meeting youth from elsewhere. It's games in the snow. It's camp songs, Mission Impossible, fun, fellowship.

What's not to love? The sessions are interesting. They are more interactive than I am used to, and geared for teenagers and our age group, rather than for adults. Also, they are very thought-provoking. The sessions really made me think about what kind of person I want to be in the future.

Then there are the activities. Mission Impossible is a given; here's a tip: do a few ninja rolls and sometimes the snipers will let you go. So are Diamond Smugglers and snow games, but often there are some more unique activities.

This year we did something called the Chez Valaqua Menu. Telling you exactly what it is would ruin it if you don't already know, but let's just say I had no idea what I had ordered!

I'm glad I've had the opportunity to go to snow camp a few times. Even with this year's snow camp just finished for me, I already can't wait until next year! %

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By Taryn Haluza-Delay

Special to Canadian Mennonite

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Taryn Haluza-Delay attends First Mennonite Church, Edmonton, and is a Grade 9 student. She attended Junior High Snow Camp from Feb. 17 to 19.

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