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Publication: FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin
Date published: April 1, 2012
Language: English
PMID: 18670
ISSN: 00145688
Journal code: PFBI

The patch of the Osage City, Kansas, Police Department prominently references the city's proud past and brilliant future. One of the city's famous 6th Street light poles is shown in the center, followed below by strands of wheat, a well-known staple in Kansas. The background depicts a flowing American nag symbolizing national pride, as well as the city skyline with its large water tower. To the right is a representation of the Osage Indian, after which the city is named.

The city of North Miami Beach, Florida, was established in 1926 as Fulford by the Sea. Shortly after its founding, a hurricane destroyed three of the four stone water fountains built at the city's four corners. The remaining fountain, which still stands, is depicted as a symbol of perseverance on the patch of the city's police department. The patch also depicts the city's popular seashore, a palm tree, and the sun with rays, three symbols reminiscent of the Great Seal of Florida.

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