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Publication: The New American
Date published: April 9, 2012

Philip Van Cleave, president of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, sent an e-mail to supporters on February 6 telling them that the "albatross is almost dead." Van Cleave was referring to the Virginia one-gun-a-month law enacted in 1993 that is about to be overturned. Reflecting on the effectiveness, or lack thereof, of the nearly 20-year-old ban, Van Cleave said, "I don't think it succeeded.... I think it [gun trafficking] has been increasing. The whole idea of thinking that this would stop a criminal is a joke. If they're willing to steal guns, they're not going to follow the one-gun-per-month law.... There's no real way to stop it. It's just not possible."

Sen. Charles W. Carrico, Sr., the sponsor of the bill lifting the one-gun-a-month limit, said the bill would bring Virginia in line with 46 other states by removing such limits. Carrico said that today "the Senate took a stand for the Second Amendment by eliminating an unnecessary and outdated law."

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