Publication: The New American
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Language: English
PMID: 51311
ISSN: 08856540
Journal code: NEAM

In the Inside Track of February 6, we said that "voters are shocked by Santorum's voting record in the Senate on issues such as support for unconstitutional gun control.'" In the March 19 issue, we said. "Santorum consistently voted in favor of the Second Amendment's right to keep and bear arms/" This has understandably created some confusion for readers. Santorum does have an Ai rating from the National Rifle Association's Political Victory Fund from his time in Congress, but the National Association for Gun Rights had this to say:

In the 90s, he voted to support the Lautenberg Gun Ban. which stripped law-abiding gun owners of their Second Amendment rights for life, simply because they spanked their children or did nothing more than grab a spouse's wrist.

He voted for a bill in 1999 disguised as an attempt to increase penalties on drug traffickers with guns .,. but it also included a provision to require federal background checks at gun shows.

In 2000. Santorum voted to force pawn shops to require a background check on anyone coming into the store to sell a firearm.

And then he voted with gun-conlrollmg Democrats Dianne Feinstein and Frank Lautenberg to mandate locks on handguns in 2005.

One can be against domestic violence while siil! recognizing that federal control in this area is not enumerated in the Constitution. Also, the Gun Owners of America gave Santorum a B- rating.

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