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Publication: Journal of Environmental Health
Date published: May 1, 2012

NEHA Historian Position

Last April, the NEHA board of directors approved a new position, NEHA historian, that is appointed by the NEHA president and reports to the NEHA president and the executive director. The president guides the historian's role on issues related to the board of directors, and the executive director directs the historian in his/her role with respect to record archival, research, and other organizational roles.

The historian provides a historical context for issues, policies, and other board-related discussion topics as needed. In addition, the historian updates and preserves all documentation, award information, artifacts, and other historically related information from NEHA and the board of directors. The board president and NEHAs executive director designate the specific duties and responsibilities of the historian.

The newly appointed NEHA historian is NEHA Past President Dick Pantages, who has a long and distinguished career in environmental health and on the NEHA board of directors. His experience includes 35 years in California's Alameda County Department of Environmental Health. His career began in 1965 as a sanitarian trainee until he retired as its assistant director in 2001. He was a member of the NEHA board of directors for 19 years, including 14 years as vice president for Region 2 and five years as a board officer. He served as NEHA president in 2008-2009.

NEHA and the board of directors are honored to have Dick Pantages as the NEHA historian. Dick's extensive knowledge of the board and NEHA ensures the safekeeping of NEHA historical documents and records in an organized manner.

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