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The DROP and Sweatbox crews really have gone beyond the call of duty with this bill. Headliner Agaric (aka Swedish producer Patrik Skoog) used to make some of the world's hardest, most severely stripped-down techno this side of JeffMills, Robert Hood, and Adam Beyer as Headroom. In recent years, Skoog has slowed his tempos a bit for a spacier, more psychedelic approach to 4/4 groove science. Now recording with Josh Wink's Ovum label, Agaric is seducing dancers (albeit with atmospherically strange productions) more than he's ramrodding them. (Not that there's anything wrong with the occasional ramrodding.) The floor-filling strategies of [a]pendics. shuffle (prolific LA studio wiz Kenneth James Gibson) skew more eccentrically than do Agaric's. Gibson festoons an array of ridiculous-to-sublime noises and effects over his often complex, off-kilter rhythm matrices, coloring the frequently monochrome world of techno with garish tonal hues. So much happens in his tracks, and most of it is very exciting. With Hanssen, J. Alvarez, Crown Hill Repeater, Ctrl_Alt_Dlt, Night Train, Manos, and Audrey Horne. Lo-Fi Performance Gallery, 9 pm-3 am, $13, 21+.



SpaceRock Saturdays is celebrating a year of dance-floor debauchery and tripped-out techno marathoning; the resident DJs and their acolytes are getting their third wind just when you're dozing offinto REM sleep. I base this on other events thrown by Sweatbox's elite team of techno shamans. I keep meaning to hit SpaceRock Saturdays, but haven't for various reasons-one being I'm afraid I'll have too much fun and reality will seem like a total bummer afterward. Tonight, Kuma Tsukasaki- a Seattle-via-Osaka DJ-provides the phantasmal sounds (on three decks) that'll keep you bumping and beaming. Allah willing, I may even attend. With Ctrl_Alt_Dlt, Eugene Fauntleroy, and Roddimus. Electric Tea Garden, 10 pm- 5 am, $5 before midnight/$10 after, 21+.



A sumptuously mellow night of shoegaze dream-weaving and ambient blissmongering is going down in Fremont... on a Monday night, of all things. Seattle duo Golden Gardens waftsomewhere among Julee Cruise's silky lullabies, Cranes' tremulous hymns, and Slowdive's aquatic symphonies. Your City Sleeps (local producer Miles Kazemian) has been creating some of the region's most emotionally resonant and immaculately detailed ambient music over the last couple of years. Said it before, will say it again: Your City Sleeps is abundantly equipped to score your next ambitious cinematic endeavor. With Jetman Jet Team. High Dive, 8 pm, $6, 21+.

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