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Date published: May 30, 2012
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Recent Restaurant RIPs

* I LOVE NEW YORK DELI in the Pike Place Market and the U-District: Seattle's sandwich-loving community mourns the passing of perhaps the finest New York-style delicatessens our city has ever seen/eaten. Owner Jon Jacobs pointed to rising costs and the economy in general, but said, heartbreakingly, "There's nobody to blame but myself... Those were the love of my life, those stores. You get behind in the rent, and you just can't catch up." He's looking into reopening on the Ave (come to Capitol Hill or Ballard, Jon, where unbroke nonstudents will pay more for quality!). Meanwhile, his Big Apple Deli in Maple Valley remains open. Still, CRY.

* CHEZ SHEA in the Pike Place Market: Chez Shea was a pricey, romantic hideaway for more than 25 years, but after an ownership change, it was never quite the same.

* TASTE OF CHICAGO in the U-District: TOC had all the authentic Chicago favorites- the Chicago dog, pizza puffs, Italian beef sandwiches, Jay's chips, Old Style Beer-and actual people from Chicago approved. The very nice-sounding owners, who say their commute got too arduous, plan to reopen in Tacoma this summer.

* KIKI on Capitol Hill: Where the also-shortlived Kurrent died before it, pan-Asian Kiki closed "temporarily" and is now becoming Fogon Cuisine of Mexico, from the owners of Mi Tierra Family Mexican Restaurants in Monroe and Woodinville, according to Capitol Hill Seattle Blog and Matt Hickey.

* SAIZEN SUSHI on Capitol Hill: The only independent business in the Joule building lasted less than a year. Increasingly desperate banners for specials made this one particularly painful to watch (same with the owner saying, "Saizen means the best of the best-we're trying!").

* SHUN SUSHI in Ravenna: It will be reincarnated as Thai Sushi, according to Eater Seattle, which says, "Hooray?"

* SUSHI MORI in Belltown: It was a popular lunch spot, according to Nosh Pit, but apparently not popular enough.

* CHERRY BLOSSOM on Dexter: Another sushi place we never knew was there.

* SIP WINE BAR AND RESTAURANT downtown: It was intimidatingly huge in there. The Issaquah branch remains open.

* GYRO WORLD on Capitol Hill: It's making way for TBA construction in the Broadway Market, per CHS.


* HUNGER in Fremont: In its original home, liquor bottles and a particular trash can allegedly moved around the bar unaided by human hands until they brought in a professional ghost hunter, whereupon the activity mysteriously ceased. Now Hunger has relocated to the bigger former Dad Watson's space, which is presumably unhaunted.

* KANGAROO AND KIWI near Green Lake: The weird/great Aussie/Kiwi pub is moving from Aurora to the lovely Carnegie Library building in Ballard-it may be open there by the time you read this.

* PAN AFRICA MARKET downtown: The longtime First Avenue favorite-people love the coconutty chicken, the North African frittata, and the magic fruit-and-veg hodgepodge of the Market Salad-is moving across First Avenue to join a planned new restaurant from the same owner called Lovage. Also-same-ownership Pan Africa Grill in West Seattle remains open.

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