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Don't Pay Down Debt

I was absolutely bewildered by your April 9 cover story. "Paying Down U.S. Debt Before It's Too Late." The article was wrong-headed from so many different angles that it's hard to know where to begin. It's something one would expect from CATO, Reason, or some other neo-con rag. but certainly not from THE NF.W AMERICAN! Paying off the so-called U.S. debt is like waking up in the middle of the night to find a cat-burglar robbing you blind, handing him your life's savings from under the mattress, and then sending him off with a pal on the back.

Scaliger doesn't even bother to explain to whom the "debt" is owed: a cartel of banking conspirators who have hoodwinked an entire nation into selling lheir birthright for a mess of pottage! And Scaliger is losing sleep over how we're going to "repay" these criminals? Lei them go to Hell and wait!

He paints Baby Boomers with a wide brush, casting us all as hedonistic, self-serving, and irresponsible. While that may be an accurate description of the "marchers" that get the TV coverage, it is certainly an affront to those of us who have awakened to a sense of our awful situation. And please excuse us for having enough intelligence to see the insanity of putting our money in savings at one or two percent while inflation steals it at five or 10.

Scaliger naively suggests that all we have to do is elect some honest Congressmen who understand correct principles of money, have at least a rudimentary comprehension of the Constitution, and will honor the oath that they take to uphold it. Should we he so fortunate to find such people and get them elected, they arc soon bought and paid for (with very few exceptions) by the very conspiracy we hope to eliminate.

The problem is not the national debt. The problem is our fat currency and the banking conspiracy that created it and thereby controls our government from the shadows.

In short, Scaliger's article is an excellent treatise on hacking at the leaves of evil.


Lakebay. Washington

Health Insurance & the Pill

There has been much debaie about requiring the "pill" to be included in all health insurance programs. It is surprising to me that none of the possible serious health problems associated with the pill are being included in the discussions.

Internist Dr, Chris Kahlenborn completed an extensive study linking the pill, as well as abortion, to the rapid increase in breast cancer among younger women. Even for casual observers, the very large and alarming increase in breast cancers since the advent of the pill has become an issue for concern.

Some years ago, I participated in the countrywide Woman's Health Initiative sponsored by the National Institutes of Health (NlH). The study was initialed to determine if the pill would delay the onset of osleoporosis. The study was abruptly concluded in March 2004. only seven years into the project. The NIH announced that it had slopped in the interest of safety, after preliminary data showed serious heart distress, including blood clots, as well as increased cancer risk as compared with the control group.

Also, according to clinical psychiatrist Miriam Grossman. the federal Center for Disease Control has a report indicating that one in four adolescent girls has a sexually transmitted infection (STD). In addition to STDs that older generations are familiar with - syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia - we now have some two do/en different bacteria, parasites, fungi, and viruses, including some that UTC incurable and often fatal.

Dr. Grossman has been professionally counseling college-age females, and provides frightening statistics on the spread of STDs. the problems of infertility, and the difficulty of finding a partner who isn't infected.

Casual sex can lead lo a betrayal of trust and attachment, and a single encounter, with or without protection, can have profound life-long consequences, and it is often the girls who pay the biggest price.

How does one define "pandemic"?


Greensburg, Pennsylvania

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