Identification of the Causes of Deadline Slippage in Construction Projects: State of the Art and Application

This study aims at analysing the causes assessment of deadline slippage in construction projects accomplished on the international level. It also identifies the said causes on the projects completed in Morocco in order to develop and put in place an adjusted modelling framework. The literature concerning this field has been examined during the last decade. A quantitative analysis of deadlines risks of sample of real estate project has been done in different regions of Morocco. This analysis has helped to identify and rank the delay causes while determining their frequency of occurrence their impact as well as their relative importance by combining two processes: macroscopic "Top-down" and microscopic "Bottom-down". In comparison with the previous research which was solely based on the first process, this method has specified an objective and exhaustive list of most causes. Three high-risk causes have been identified: the initial budget assessment, volatility of the architecture and engineering program and construction site hazards. Keywords: Construction; Cause; Delays; Budget; Risk.

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