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Publication: Diverse Issues in Higher Education
Date published: August 2, 2012
Language: English
PMID: 14090
ISSN: 15575411
Journal code: BIHE

Black men, particularly those in low-income urban areas, are proving to be resilient in the face of such challenges as discrimination and poverty, a new study finds. Black men are relying on five methods of resilience, researchers at the University of Missouri and Drexel University said: committing to learn from mistakes, refocusing to address difficulties, creating supportive environments, obtaining support from religion and persevering. The researchers define resilience as demonstrating positive mental health despite adversity. Dr. Lisa Bowleg, an associate professor in the School of Public Health at Drexel University and one of the study's authors, said in a news release that while the mens resilience is "admirable," communities and governments must do more to help them. "The men's efforts only can be translated into success if they are supported by social environments and policies that change the odds against them," she noted. The study was published in the journal Qualitative Health Research and funded by a grant from the National Institutes of Child Health and Development.

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