A New Method for Linear Compression and Decompression of Sequential Sensor Signals

In this paper we bring forward a new linear method of lossy data compression aiming at effective and efficient utilization of sequential sensor signals. In the course of compression, the filtering and encapsulation are carried out first according to the signal type and the threshold value; second, the linear compression is conducted by comparing the maximum and minimum slopes of the sensor signal; third, the compressed signal is archived into the historical data storage zone for later use. Conversely, the signal is reconstructed by linear interpolation during the decompression process. The test results of a standard sinusoidal signal and a measured dynamic pressure signal show that the proposed method has higher compression ratio and less compression error than the spinning door transformation. It also reveals that this method is suitable for the compression and decompression of various types of sensor signals, especially for those containing massive data, multiple sampling, disturbance and redundancy. Copyright © 2012 IFSA. Keywords: Sequential sensor signal, Lossy data compression, Linear interpolation, Compression ratio, Compression error.

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