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Developing a Jazz Vocabulary from Jamey Aebersold

Author, musician, and educator Joe Riposo has devised an effective method of teaching the concept of jazz language over his long and successful career as an educator. Developing a Jazz Vocabulary equates the art of proper note choice and phrasebuilding to the process of learning the alphabet for word-building. Chord tones and non-chord tones are assigned vowel and consonant status an, as in grammar, simple rules dictate which notes to use (and which to avoid) to develop effortless and flowing lines that make melodic sense. This book is for all musicians wishing to have a better understanding of connecting chords and developing phrases. Retail price: $9.95.

Casio Privia

The Privia PX-150, PX-350, PX-750 and PX-850 offer an enhanced keyboard and a new powerful sound engine. The simulated ebony and ivory textured keys on diese digital pianos reproduce the touch feeling of an acoustic piano while the scaled weighted action keyboard provides the depth and integrity of an acoustic piano. Simultaneously, the tri-sensors capture a performance with more accuracy and speed than most traditional keyboards.

Casio's new proprietary sound source, "AiR" (Acoustic and intelligent Resonator), delivers unmatched realism and detail and utilizes over three times the waveform memory of the previous generation.

The pianos are available in a variety of colors and finishes. Some models have expanded capabilities of the AiR sound source with up to 256 notes of polyphony, sympathetic resonance, and cabinet simulation. The PX-350 and PX-850 also provide the ability to record a 44.1kHz .wav file directly to a USB thumb drive.

Retail price: $899 (PX-150), $1,099 (PX-350 and 750), $1,499 (PX-850).

Echo 2 USB Audio Interface

The Echo 2 is a combined personal mixer and USB audio interface, designed for both live performance and recording. The interface features touch panel controls, premium microphone pre amps, and is compact enough to mount on a microphone stand. It can work as a capable standalone mixer, as a professional grade computer audio interface, or both simultaneously. Shoreview Distribution is the exclusive U.S. Distributor for Echo Products. Retail price: $399.


Kurzweil MP-15 Designer Series Digital Piano

The MP-15 Designer Series digital piano features PC3 sound technology, 3D ambiance effects, a stereo surround system and a newly designed user interface. The MP-15 piano starts with 88 Real-Hammer(TM) keys with 10 adjustable response settings. The sound engine is built upon Kurzweil's PC3 professional sound technology and includes Kurzweil's "Triple Strike Piano" and 128 other hand-picked sounds - acoustic pianos, classic electric pianos, organs, synth and lead sounds, orchestral instruments, guitars, drum and percussion kits, and more. The PC3 sound engine is capable of up to 32 layers per voice and there are 64 of Kurzweil's 4-zone multi-instrument "Setups". There are also 60 built-in interactive drum patterns.

The MP-15 features a clear-blue 16 -character LCD user interface flanked by 16 dedicated sound and setup selection buttons. A 2-track song sequencer lets you record up to two parts separately. The MP-15 features Kurzweil's latest "multiple ambience" 3D effects to add depth and realism to the internal sounds. The piano is powered by a 30 Watt, 2-way stereo surround system with 4-speakers and also comes with stereo inputs, outputs and USB connections.

An MP3 input on the front of the piano has separate volume control.

The cabinet features console-stye legs, a full modesty panel, adjustable music desk and matching bench - all in dark rosewood finish. Retail Price: $2995.


Phaeton PHT FX-1100 Trumpet

The FX-1100 Trumpet offers a number of exclusive innovations including three sets of interchangeable bracing machined from Bronze, Stainless Steel, and annealed Brass. Every player now has an easy option for fine tuning his instrument to suit his taste and performing requirements.

The new solid brass stock one-piece heavy mouthpiece receiver adds a new dimension of control at the point of critical tone production. Rifle drilled openings in both horizontal Phaeton style braces reduces weight while adding essential response in every register. A faster large bore tapered lead pipe adds more dynamics when needed. Coupled with the trumpet's larger bell, it is impossible to over-blow this horn. Reversed tuning slides and lead pipe provide for smooth air flow, and the trumpet's short piston stroke is designed for high speed. The horn also features Phaeton's Brush Brass finish, Solid Brass hex-shaped and weighted top/bottom caps & finger buttons. Retail price: $2685.

Rovner Van Gogh Ligature

The latest addition to Rovner's line of Next Generation products is 30-50 percent taller than a standard ligature and features Rovner's patented "Mass Loaded Technology" with unique Resonating Ribs. This extra height enables the Van Gogh to grasp almost the entire heel of the reed, preventing reed warp and eliminating "pinch points" that restrict vibration. It offers a big but controllable sound, with excellent response, projection and intonation. The ligature responds to simple adjustments that vary the tone, providing freedom from the typical dynamic simply of "dark or bright."

Alto Professional i PA Music System

The iPA Music System from Alto Professional is a powerful, portable loudspeaker with 400 Watts of power for amplifying iPad apps, iTunes libraries, and karaoke systems like never before. The iPA Music System's internal power amplifier uses the signal from a docked iPad to fill events with crystal clear music. An included Alto Professional ADM 10 cardioid microphone and 10' cable make karaoke easy. The iPA Music System even has a contour switch that instantly provides the perfect EG¿ settings for music playback and singing.

TC-Helicon New Features for VoiceLive Touch and VoiceLive 2

The update for TC Helicon's VoiceLive Touch (v. 1.2) adds no less than 10 new features, including 'Feedback' and 'Hi Cut' controls for the delay effect, a dedicated 'Decay' effect parameter for the reverb and the built-in looper has been enhanced, allowing users to adjust the playback level of previously recorded loops on the spot. A full list of new VoiceLive Touch features can be found at TC -Helicon's website.

The VoiceLive 2 (v. 1.5) update now allows users to assign 'Step' or 'Bypass' to the control button of a TC-Helicon MP75 microphone. In short, the MP75 microphone features a handy Mic-Control button that can control the effects on TC-Helicon effect units. The most obvious use of this button is to switch effects on/off, but now it is also possible to go through 'steps' or bypass the entire unit directly from the MP- 75 microphone when used with VoiceLive 2. Retail price: $945 (VoiceLive 2), $599 (VoiceLive Touch).

Fusion Bags USA Flugelhorn Gig Bag

The new Fusion Fl Flugelhorn gig bag will safely and comfortably transport a Flugelhorn with 30 mm padded protection around with heavy-duty protection and compartments galore for all gigging accessories. Hand constructed with a hard wearing, water resistant, rip-stop Jacquard exterior and a soft, no-scratch, non-fibrous, velvet interior the Fusion Fl Flugelhorn gig bag is tough on the outside and cozy on the inside. A padded internal security strap further insures the Flugelhorn is not shifting about. The horn will be secured inside in a padded sleeve.

The Fusion Fl Flugelhorn gig bag can be carried via a rugged top handle as a backpack for handsfree commuting and travel. The backpack straps include a sternum clasp and a belly strap to perfectly distribute weight for maximum comfort. The gig bag also sports the innovative FLOW-SYSTEM(TM). This proprietary design innovation allows air to flow freely between carrier and gig bag, keeping the user cool and comfortable.

Inverted zippers and rubber zipper pulls prevent scratching and the Fl Flugelhorn gig bag zips open extra wide. The Fl Flugelhorn gig bag also features the proprietary FUSE-ON(TM) system whereby it is possible to attach a matching Fusion Fl Backpack to the outside of the Fl Flugelhorn gig bag. This modular approach allows you even more storage capacity and flexibility for your handsfree commuting and travel. The Fusion Fl Flugelhorn gig bag is available in four bold colors including: Lime, Orange, Blue and all Black. Retail price: $190.

CAD Audio Debuts StagePass Wireless System

The new StagePass(TM) WX1200 wireless system from CAD Audio provides 16 -channel frequency agile VHF operation for increased operating range and the flexibility to scan, select and link to the optimum channel in any performance setting. StagePass features CAD's unique Scan-Link(TM) technology that instantaneously scans all of the channels in the RF environment, then selects the clearest one. The receiver then automatically looks for and links to the transmitter to lock in that channel.

The series systems are available as the WX1200 handheld, WX1210HW condenser hypercardioid headworn system, WX1210LAV cardioid condenser miniature lavalier system and WX1210GTR body pack guitar system.

StagePass WX1200 handheld (TX1200) and body pack (TX1210) transmitters have soft touch multi-function OnOff/Mute/Low Battery/ScanLink status switches with multi-color LED indicators. High quality alkaline double AA batteries provide more than ten hours of battery life for the transmitters. The WX1200 receiver is housed in a metal chassis for durability and effectiveness as a formable RF enclosure with " and XLR outputs for additional flexibility. Retail price: $199.

Fishman Loudbox Performer

Fishman's most powerful amplifier, the Loudbox Performer features 180 watts of clear bi-amplified acoustic sound and two three-band flexible mic/instrument input channels that accept both " and XLR sources. Each channel includes Fishman three-band EQ, (shelving bass and treble with resonant-style midrange), feedbackfighting Phase switch and Notch filter controls, and a new dual digital effects section with Reverb, Chorus, Flanger, Delay, Echo and Slap Echo.

The Performer's three-way design delivers clear, full-sound with additional low end to balance the premium neodymium tweeter and dedicated midrange driver. The lightweight cabinet design features a built-in 100 tilt with an improved, integrated kickstand design that allows the Loudbox Performer to be tilted back 500 for optimal sound projection.

Enhanced features for the Performer include independent channel and effects level controls; an auxiliary stereo input with level control plus ?" and 1/8" connectors; balanced XLR D.I. outputs on each channel and main mix, and Channel Mute to silence both input channels. Retail: $1,076.85.

Nady MaxTower Li ? eArray with Optional Powered Subwoofer

The MaxTower(TM) PAS-250 is a self-contained portable line array 250W PA system. This very affordable unit is ideal for solo singers / musicians and small groups, as well as many small to medium meeting applications, delivering full-range audio quality and enhanced coverage for a variety of venues. The line array 8-speaker configuration provides wider dispersion and more sonic penetration than standard cabinet speakers. Feedback rejection allows behind performer placement so that the MaxTower serves as both FOH and monitor speaker at the same time.

The PAS-250 is constructed of alightweight but durable polymer composite material and features a 250WRMS Class D amplifier for high efficiency / cool operation. Other features include: eight 3" line array high-excursion piston speakers; 2 XLR-1/4" combo inputs with independent control and lOdB attenuator switch; selectable 48V phantom power for condenser microphones; balanced XLR output with independent level control; separate EQ¿ control on each channel; DSP Reverb with Level controls for each channel; and a Main level control with mute switch. The MaxTower is now also available with an optional powered subwoofer - the Nady MXTS-8 - which plugs directly into the unit's XLR output.

www. nady. com

Tycoon Percussion Roundback Acrylic Cajon

Tycoon's new Roundback Acrylic Cajon Series is an innovative combination of two styles of cajons unique to Tycoon. Featuring a solid, transparent acrylic body with a white Zebrano front plate, these drums provide a unique shape and look with a round back shape, which produces a deep, boisterous base sound, combined with clean, crisp, snare slaps in the corners; making it excel in any setting from the studio to the stage.

Sound Innovations for Guitar Teacher Edition from Alfred

Written by Aaron Stang (author and Grammy® Award-winning guitarist) and Bill Purse (Guitar Chair at Duquesne University), Sound Innovations for Guitar emphasizes teaching real-world guitar skills so students can begin playing right away. Its revolutionary pedagogy starts off by teaching chords and notes on the low E string to promote better fretboard understanding, build solid left- and righthand technique, and to allow students to begin playing fundamental bass-line type rock and blues patterns early on.

Sound Innovations for Guitar, Book 1 Teacher Edition contains 36 complete one-week units/lesson plans that utilize solid pedagogy and multimedia integration. The lessons progress through six major levels and provide student learning goals, access to reproducible enrichment and enhancement pages, expansion suggestions, performance advice, assessment tools, and clear guidance as to reasonable expected outcomes.

The Teacher Edition also includes a DVD containing three and a half hours of video lessons, as well as MP3 recordings of every example and song in the book, with play-along accompaniments. The authors also provide dozens of free downloadable worksheets to supplement the teacher's book, and have opened up an email helpline, where teachers can directly email questions about the method and teaching guitar. Retail price: $19.99

SHS Audio introduces 12 Channel Mixer

This high quality console gives users 12 inputs for mic'ing up the full band, dedicated 3 -band parametric eq per channel and high quality mie preamps for crystal clear audio. Smooth taper faders provide a pro feel and having all the inputs and outputs at your fingertips makes this mixer suited for any live sound or recording situation. Features include a digital effects display, global phantom power, one postfade auxiliary/effects channel, a pushbutton low cut, two main XLR outputs, a USB input, two RCA inputs, and threeband EQ. Retail price: 319.95.

LP Aspire Congas and Bongos

Latin Percussion's newest edition of its Aspire Congas and Bongos are made from exotic Jamjuree wood. Sometimes called "Siam Walnut," Jamjuree is 15 percent lighter in weight than Siam Oak yet still delivers the same signature tone and resonance. Its wood grain ranges from a radiant gold to a deep, rich walnut-colored brown, resulting in dramatic visual contrast. To further enrich the wood's natural beauty, the drums are coated with a satin-like matte lacquer finish.

The congas are 28" tall and come in sets of two with head combinations of 10" and 11". The drums are fitted with natural rawhide heads and chrome 5/16" diameter tuning lugs. To help minimize hand trauma, the congas are equipped with EZ Curve Rims. The rims and side plates are in an attractive black powder coated finish that enhances the drums unique finish. Conga sets come with a fully height-adjustable LP Aspire Slide Mount Double Conga Stand. Retail price: $549 (Congas), $149 (Bongos).

Korg Kronos X Music Workstation and Kronos OS v2.0

The Kronos family has expanded with the new Kronos X, which features hardware technology enhancements and enhanced sampler functionality. The Kronos X doubles the PCM RAM capacity to approximately 2GB and the SSD capacity to 62GB, enabling musicians to take full advantage of all the Kronos Sound Libraries. In addition, Kronos X contains Korg's EXs 10-13 expansion sample series of Kronos Sound Libraries pre-installed in its demo mode. Users can obtain full versions, plus additional Sound Libraries, by simply purchasing a license key from Korg's Web Shop.

Along with Kronos X, Korg announces Kronos OS v2.0, coming soon for all Kronos and Kronos X models. For models that do not already have OS v2.0 installed (visible during boot), users can download it for free from , then easily install it via USB. New to OS v2.0 are user Sample Banks for creating highcapacity, custom sample libraries. Players can load and play many gigabytes of their custom or converted samples at once, using the internal Kronos SSD. Improved disk and memory enable the creation of User Sample Bank subsets, as well as mixing and matching parts from different banks, without duplicating samples on disk. Programs, Wave Sequences, and Drum Kits maintain links to the User Sample Banks even when samples are moved on disk or loaded onto a different Kronos instrument, making it easy to share sounds with friends and collaborators. Players can also create their own samples or import Akai and SoundFont 2.0 libraries using new, improved conversion features.

Retail price for Kronox X Workstation: $3199 (61-key), $3699 (73-key), $3999 (88-key).


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