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A homemade booklet hangs on my refrigerator: a list of ethnic restaurants I cobbled together from magazines, blogs, and review websites. There's Oakland's Latino food truck hub, a Korean bar, a huge dim sum palace in a San Francisco suburb, an Ethiopian storefront. I created the booklet, complete with photos, as an anniversary gift for my husband - a gentle prod to push us out into the vivid, tumultuous food scene that is the West.

You are holdingSunset's first-ever all-food issue. We've been delivering recipes and restaurant reviews to readers for generations, and there's certainly plenty here to eat and cook. But Sunset's soulful food editor, Margo True, has put together more than a greatest-hits tour. Here is a snapshot of the West, right now. On page 49, Margo describes the appetite that shapes our idiosyncratic, heroic region.

Each story in this issue is a little voyage of discovery. Sunset partnered with the creative minds behind the mobile app Chefs Feed for "Eat Like a Chef" (page 54). The app - and our story - brings together the recommendations of well-known chefs from Seattle to L.A., who always know where to get the best food; follow them and you'll find dishes you might otherwise never consider ordering. In "Learn the Secrets of Your Local Mexican Market" (page 70), chef Silvana Salcido Esparza guides us through one of Phoenix's largest, on the hunt for incredibly fresh (and walletfriendly) Latino foods. Finally, in his essay "Magic on the Menu" (page 78), novelist Walter Kirn recalls how he stumbled onto a sleepy steakhouse in Montana's ranchlands - and how the discovery fed more than his belly.

Heading out for a meal you've never had - or making a recipe you've never tried, or tasting an ingredient you've never encountered - is a small adventure, but an adventure nonetheless. Through food, we can get a glimpse of Korea or sit alongside a group of ranchers. We can literally eat a new experience.

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