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Publication: Journal of Environmental Health
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Language: English
PMID: 23855
ISSN: 00220892
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Professional Food Manager (Third Edition) National Environmental Health Association, Inc. and MindLeaders, Inc. (Portions) (2013) 1 41 pages I Paperback I Catalog #EZ6002 Member. $22 /Nonmember: $26

Though the food service industry is ever evolving, one factor remains consistently important: the competency level of managers responsible for the safety of food served. In order for a food service operation to manage its risks effectively, managers must not only pass a Conferenee for Food Protection/American National Standards Institute-accredited food safety manager examination, they must retain that information and put it into practice every day on the job. Revised and updated by food safety experts, Professional Food Manager, Third Edition helps managers prepare for the certification examination while also demonstrating how to maintain the highest level of proficiency after achieving certification. It is written in an easy-to-read style that prepares current and soon-to-be managers for the many challenges encountered in the workplace.

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