Monday August 2, 2010
LanguageArticle title
EnglishKlassen endowment fund reaches $100,000 goal
EnglishBecoming a better follower of Jesus
EnglishCall extends beyond retirement
EnglishListen to the 'wild goose'
EnglishAssociate pastor joins Sherbrooke
English'The Lord has done great things for us'
EnglishCrossing the ethnic divide
EnglishSouth meets North
EnglishClothing gifts from one immigrant family to another
EnglishThat new class of seniors
EnglishSharing a part of being 'friends with God'
EnglishLove the one you're with
EnglishKingdom Culture wins honourable mention at The Word Guild awards
EnglishFrustrated in doing good?
EnglishAssemblies will continue to be annual events
EnglishWhen it's appropriate to clap
English'Reclaim the Name'
EnglishChurches need to be more grateful for change
EnglishChurches need to be open to mental health issues
English'Reclaim the Name' assembly theme song
EnglishSuderman influences World Religions Summit goal
EnglishFrom $200,000 shortfall to $430,000 surplus
EnglishWomen's luncheon provides chance to continue 'a good conversation'
EnglishBible Q & A
EnglishMajor media skewed G20 protest
EnglishGoshen College launches 'green desktop' initiative
EnglishUsufruct and the church
English'Let's go' to an amazing place
EnglishPeace in public is breaking out all over
EnglishFinancial trends: Healthy or worrisome?
EnglishThe little church that can
EnglishPotentially dangerous travel experience leads to healthy church partnership
EnglishWho wants to talk about sex?
EnglishFrom Radical Reformation to global Anabaptism
EnglishReaders write
EnglishU.S.A. Snapshots
EnglishThrough the wall into Jesus' world
EnglishLast bishop 'worked himself out of a job'
EnglishQuilting for art and prayer
EnglishThe church we were meant to be
EnglishRemarks to the Disabled American Veterans National Convention in Atlanta, Georgia
EnglishRemarks at a Democratic National Committee Fundraiser in Atlanta, Georgia

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